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Who are Titan-Forge Miniatures, and why do you NEED to support them?

Ladies and Gentle-dudes,

Allow me to cut straight to the heart of this. Titan-Forge Miniatures are amazing. If you have the capability and desire to print your own miniatures and are not a Patron yet, you are wrong. For $10 a month (roughly the cost of 2 drinks at your average coffee shop) you are given access to some of the most beautifully sculpted, and easy to print miniatures on the market. I have spent countless hours on Thingiverse, Myminifactory, 3DGeeks and other such places. I have also spent nearly $100 on .stl files from HeroForge and I can honestly say, Titan-Forge Miniatures has rekindled the fire.

For months, I had been dreading the thought of even firing up the printer. The time invested in printing miniatures, plus cleaning up and became daunting and I fell out of love with that part of the hobby.

Then, I saw Brent's video over at Goobertown Hobbies and it piqued my interest. 10 minutes and $10 later, I was downloading my first set of minis. When I opened the .zip file and saw a pre-supported folder, I couldn't believe it! FINALLY a modeler that released their minis with the best way to print them! I dragged a couple of the bad boys into Chitubox, moved them around so I could print multiple at once, and printed them out.

Here they all their fresh-printed, pre-painted glory.

As you can see, the quality is unbelievable, and it was the easiest, most "enjoyable" cleaning process ever. All of the supports are in places where any scarring is covered up by intended texture. I cannot wait to paint these up!

Hopefully this helped convince you! Click the link below to check them out. No affiliate links, no "chunks of the pie". Just me helping you make the best decision you possibly can when it comes to finding amazing minis!

Have an awesome day!


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