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Slingin' Paint: Frost Weaponry

I've had several people ask me how I get my weapons to look icy, so I decided to make a quick video. I start off with a base coat of Fenrisian Grey. This give the weapon a nice cold color to start off with. Then, I use Aethermatic Blue, a Contrast Paint to cover the weapon. This works quite nicely because it pools in the recesses, making it a sea-foam blue-green, depending on the depth of the recess. Finally, once that's dried, dry-brush the weapon with White Scars white. This brings a frosty feel to the raised edges. Once this is dry, the weapon is finished.

If you wanted to give the weapon a REALLY icy look, use 'Ard Coat, or any other glossy varnish and it'll make the surface look frozen.

Thanks for reading!

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