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Ask the Artist: Mike Ingram, aka Mezgike

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Ok people, let me first start off my catching my breath a little bit. I cannot believe how excited I am about this interview, and let me tell you why. I mean....obviously you're here for me, right? lol. Anyway...I first saw a Mezgike video about a year ago. It was the How to Paint: NighLord one. When he went over and looked at the paint rack (1:32) I knew INSTANTLY that's what I wanted to do. I hadn't even seen him paint yet, but just looking at how seriously this guy took his paints, I was hooked. Something else that continues to keep me drawn in is his very chill demeanor, even down to the colors he chooses to use. He just picks what he thinks will look good and goes with that. But I think if I had to choose the single most captivating aspect about this White Dwarf featured, Warhammer Official mentioned artist, it's his down to earth relatability. I think it was in the How to Paint: Plague Marine video where he talks about using a block of wood for a holder. He goes on for almost 2 minutes about his little block of wood, and I loved it.

So, I think I'm done slobbering all over this artists work....let's get to it.

1. How long have you been involved in the hobby in general?

"On and off since 1998. About like this: 1998-2003, 2010-2012, 2017-2020".

2. How long have you been actively promoting your content on social media?

"2-3 years".

3. What initially drew you to the miniature model hobby realm?

"I was at a family function in 1996 and my cousin had these amazing models on the table and he was showing my older brother. All I could think was "What is this amazing collection of monsters?" From that moment I HAD to have some of these. I was too young though and had to wait 2 years before I was allowed to get some, since they were made from lead (which is poisonous) and my parents were mindful of that. In 1998 or so, GW changed from lead to pewter (white metal) and woohoo! Now I was allowed to collect Warhammer. Since my cousin had Orks, that's what I started with. The Ork warbike was my first miniature (it was bloody plastic anyway!)".

4. What tabletop game would you say is your favorite? What particular faction within that game is your favorite and why?

"Warhammer 40k. Orks are my favourite by far, they're sentimental because they were my first miniatures. I love Death Guard too, they're sentimental because they drew me back to the hobby with the release of Dark imperium".

5. What is more enjoyable for you personally: painting or playing the game?

"Painting, but I long to play more. My brothers and I used to play together but we don't have enough time to play much these days. I still hope though".

6. If money or time weren’t a consideration, what single purchase/upgrade/expansion would you make to further your hobby enjoyment?

"A new studio. I currently paint in my garage because every room in my house has been invaded and occupied by a wife and 2 kids. I wake up at 4am every day to fit some painting into my busy life. And it's bloody cold at 4am in the garage, in the middle of winter!"

7. Where do you get the inspiration for your particular army theme or style?

I can't name everyone who inspires me, and I've made an astonishing amount of friends through my social media channels. I find inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. I usually browse art and other people's awesome miniatures, get some vibes, then have a good 'sit and think' before I form a specific vision of the model I want to make. That is a huge part of the design process; thinking. I then try to capture that thinking like a photo in my brain before I set about copying it as the miniature.

8. What tips or advice would you give someone just starting out in the hobby?

"Enjoy the process, the learning of it and mastering of it. Ask questions to those who inspire you. Reach out to them and ask. They were beginners once too".

9. What was the moment you realized commission painting was something you wanted to pursue as more than a hobby?

"Well I get constantly asked to paint commissions, and I constantly say no. One day I wondered "what if I didn't say no?". And then I did a commission".

10. What was the most difficult obstacle you had to overcome on your path to becoming painting content creator?

"Finding the confidence to do something scary. I would wonder if people would hate my accent, my voice, etc. I wondered if I should speak differently. Being scared of something like this is a good thing. You absolutely have to be outside your comfort zone before magic things can happen. So I decided to just be myself, the everyday Australian bogan I am".

11. What was the most rewarding experience you’ve had as a painter?

"When I created my base with the space marine frozen in ice. I posted a photo of it on instagram and it received about 9,500 likes. This was a turning point for me".

12. If you could do anything to expand your company/studio/hobby footprint, what would it be?

"Create my own range of miniatures, which is what I am working on now and will be available soon. Keep an eye out over at"

13. What product line do you endorse and what about their products do you feel sets them above their competitors?

"Red Grass Games have sent me some of their awesome products. I love their wet pallets, paint brushes and miniature-holder, even though I sometimes use my trusty block of wood instead of the mini holder. Turbodork have sent me some of their colour-shifting paints which are absolutely awesome! I use them for special effects like power weapons or oils sheens etc".

14. If you could earn a sponsorship or endorsement from your dream company, who would it be and why?

"Games Workshop. I'd love to be an official influencer for them".

15. What advice would you give to someone interested in taking the plunge to becoming a commission painter?

"Find that special 'style' that lies hidden within us all. That is your secret weapon".

And that's that! Thank you so much Mike for participating and answering my tons of questions! Everyone else, go to his YouTube and his Instagram and give this guy your love! I promise you, as a longtime fan of his work, you will not be disappointed!

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