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The purpose of this page is to facilitate collaborations or cross-promotional opportunities. Our current method is offering painting/promotional "services" to miniature model sculptors. We've worked with companies like Loot Studios, TigerskullRPG and now, OnePageRules!

How does it work?

As of right now, the standard agreement works like so:

1. The Sculptor provides either the model they wish promoted, or a photo of their upcoming release (for multi-model subscriptions)

2. If it's multi-model, the members of my Discord vote on which model they want to paint.

3. I send the Discord group's selection to the sculptor and the sculptor either provides a download link, or allows me to share the file with the group.

4. The file is downloaded, printed and painted by the community. We STRONGLY request involvement on the part of the sculptor when it comes to appreciating the hard work going into their product. This mostly comes in the form of likes, mentions, comments or reshares. 


5. After the deadline, the painters submit 4 photos, (3 with black or white backgrounds, and the fourth with whatever backdrop they desire for ultimate cool factor).

6. A link to the website is provided and the guest judges cast their vote. These guest judges have included people like Brent from Goobertown Hobbies, Casey from eBay Miniature Rescues, Emil from Squidmar, Mezgike, Hendarion, Sam Lenz, K03rnl, 52 Miniatures, Jason from Monument Hobbies, Pete the Wargamer, and more!)

7. Once the winner/s is/are selected, they are recognized on all my social media platforms and DM'd for prize disbursal. 

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved, such as:

1. Sign up to paint! Just join the discord, and we'll walk you through it all!

2. Reach out to have your model promoted. Requests can be sent to 

3. Support the prize pool. If you don't want to paint, nor are a sculptor, you could always help by spicing up the winner's purse! If you're a different kind of supplier, like a basing or paint company, we could always work out competitions showcasing your product, or have some of your product as the prize!

4. There are several people in the Discord who are more than willing to do product reviews as well! 

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