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Commission Services and Prices

Prices subject to change. Prices will vary by specific project requirements. Rate is by the hour.

Painting Standards:

All miniatures, regardless of standard, will be cleaned, primed, painted and varnished. This rate is $10 an hour.

($15) - TableTop - Base colors, shade, minimal face detail, basic lens/gemstone detail (good for 28 mm or "trash mobs")

($30) - TableTop+ - Base colors, zenithal highlight, shade, major armor panel highlights, minor battle damage, improved face detail + improved lens/gemstone detail (best for main army)

($45) - Display - Base Colors, zenithal highlight, shade, maximum face detail, maximum lens/gemstone detail. Edge highlight/dry brush over entire model, extensive battle damage, free-hand art work. (Best for Characters, Primarchs, army center-pieces)



  • LEVEL 1 - (Free) - Standard base, Any color paint. No flock. No texture​

  • LEVEL 2 - ($1.00 per base) - Flock (sand, grass, rock) with painted rim

  • LEVEL 3 - ($2.50 per base) Premium texture/flock. (Crackling Earth, Realistic Snow, large cork rocks, tufts/shrubs)​


Custom Work (conversions, kitbashing, sculpting work) - Cost of upgrade kit + estimated time of conversion at requested paint standard.

3D Printing:

I have an Anycubic Photon Resin 3D printer. I have basic resins at the moment, but if the demands begin to increase, I can carry more specialty resins. I have experience with Myminifactory, Thingiverse and Hero Forge. Should you choose to print a miniature with my resources, I will add the cost of resin (generally less than $2.00 per mini) as well as the time it takes to prepare the mini (generally 1 hour at standard rate, unless printed item requires extensive support prep work). 

If you've purchased the .stl file, you can send me the file or, if it's a free item from one of the above mentioned sites, just send the link, and I'll take it from there.

Commissions: Welcome
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